NeonString EL wire is flexible electric wire that glows brightly and can be used virtually anywhere. Available in a variety of colors, it can be powered by batteries, car/boat electricity, or household current. Reusable, flexible, and safe, NeonString is a beautiful source of colored light. EL wire is short for electroluminescent wire.

One of the most prevalent uses of EL wire is at the annual Burning Man festival, where it is used to light up cars, bicycles, people, works of art, and many of the temporary shelters. Other uses include costumes, boats, indirect lighting in bathrooms, hallways, and home theaters, halloween lighting effects, highlighting areas at nighttime events, computer case mods, stairways - there are way too many possibilities to list!

See our FAQ for more information, or you can contact us directly with specific questions. To see pictures of NeonString in action, please click here.
Neonstring is an amazing EL wire and other light up supply store. Fast shipping, great prices, and friendly workers, I do business here when I need these materials. I will not hesitate to do business with them again. They are amazing.

Hey I wanted to give a big shout out to you guys for providing great service and products! A team and I just finished summer camp for middle and high school students and wanted to share with you guys someof the stuff that we created.Thank you again! The link below is an interpretive dancing one with the ELsuits: link below is the one where the EL Crew lead the crowd in dancing:

I received my order today and we were blown away. You FAR exceeded our expectations! You guys really went overboard on supplying us with what we needed. We were very surprised that you included connectors for everything. Every other place charges extra for these. We were surprised that you supplied a splitter, even though we didn't order one. We were surprised that you supplied us with more heat shrink tubing than we ordered.All in all, we obviously plan to order all our our supplies from you in the future and will highly recommend you to anyone that asks.In this day and age, it's a pleasure to find a company that treats customers as well as you do.Thank you. -J.J.

Neonstring is one of the few pearls of services available on the web. Extremely professional from the first query right to unpacking the packet at home! I found great help and guidelines on the website and by email, which allowed me to complete a full project that is now used in the nightclubs in Tokyo! A great thanks to Eric and the neonstring team!"
-DJ Boomachine

Hey, I got the 1 AAA driver. It's AMAZINGLY bright, compared to my old driver (which died). I got the old one from [Edit]... Also, the one I got from neonstring is pretty much the same size with battery in the size! Truly customer friendly service. :) I'm sure about order again at some point.
-D.A. in Estonia

Thank you, I received your product today, and I am quite satisfied with our transaction. I will not hesitate to do business with you in the future."
- Andrew

...Shipping was fast and he has been in contact to see if I'm happy with the product. I've recommended him to several people wanting something similar. It's a great product and you'll get taken care of.
-Eric W

...please know that it's a real pleasure doing business with you, there should be more like you around. "
C.M., Hawaii

Everything looks good, and I appreciate the soldering. Soldering is not my strong suit. You have been great and quick. Thank you.

...most definitely I'll let you know when I need a color change. All my friends are in awe of the underglow on my board.

(1) FAST DELIVERY. I received the goods TODAY, like TWO business days from when I ordered!
(2) HIGH QUALITY. Or at least feature packed. The little control box does it all! And the easy plugs rock!"
- Scott in Austin
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